Deload weeks

It is good practice to have a lighter week every month. In a period of training you will generally only be resting for one day at a time. Taking a week off will have negative results on your progress. However, a slightly lighter week is recommended. This will not only help your body recover, but also help to consolidate gains.


A training program should also have a degree of flexibility in it. For example, if your life dictates that you will not be able to recover so well because of an increased workload in your job then your training will be affected. Sufficient planning will allow for you to move your deload week to this period. Influencing factors that can affect training are discussed HERE.

A deload week is an opportunity for you to work hard on your mobility and any assistance exercises that you feel may be lagging behind.

Deload weeks are also great opportunities for you to change things up a bit and keep things interesting. If you want to do a bit more bodybuilding assistance work, or see how long it takes you to do 20 power cleans on 60%, this is a great time to do it. Have fun with your deload weeks. This keeps you motivated and fresh for your next cycle.


Week 4 is a deload week which we shall go into in the next chapter.

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