5.2.6 Weakness identification – Ratios

The following is to be used as an indication of what you may need to work. It is not a hard and fast set of numbers. The following figures apply to technically proficient lifters and should only be used as a guide. The sources of this information is not just my own empirical experience but is also supported by articles found:



A strength realization (snatch/squat; clean and jerk/squat) of 60 to 64% in the snatch and 80 to 84% in the clean and jerk is considered the optimum range.

So for simplicity, if your best back squat is 100kgs, you can expect to snatch about 63kgs and clean and jerk about 82kgs.

If you classic movements fall below these values, you need to practice lifting more and improve your technical level.

If your classic movements are at or above these levels, you are likely a technically proficient lifter and it would be prudent to increase your strength levels to see a higher competition output.

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