Olympic Lifting is not easy, We have all found that.

I have taught Crossfitters all over the world. And I have witnessed the same easily correctable flaws.

Flaws I have also struggled with, and have now over-come.

So I have written a quick article about how these flaws can be corrected!


Coach Pete

Hip flexibility - Resulting in Snatch Misses Forwards

A topic I often draw attention to is how lifters, when tight through a certain joint, will find range through other joints. This is often seen in the deep range of the overhead squat.

When a lifter gets into the deeper ranges, a tightness through the hips will have the following results:

  • The knees will come together and fall in
  • The lifters lower back will round and the lifters chest shall fall forwards

A very good Snatch Position;

Pay particular note to the shoulders being directly below the bar.

The last point is key to what we are exploring here. The effect of the chest falling forwards results in the bar being pulled forwards. Once the bar is pulled forwards it is no longer directly above the shoulder joint and cannot be supported. This results in missed lifts.

Hip mobility is likely a problem for you if, when you go into a deeper range, you feel as though the weight is pulled forwards. You will feel much less stable and strong in the deeper ranges. This often manifests itself in overhead snatch squats, and full snatch.

How to fix:

  • Practice sitting in a deep squat without rounding your back at the bottom.
  • Place your elbows on the insides of your knees and push them out.
  • The Kneeling Cat Stretch – Video tutorial found following this link.