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Olympic Lifting is an Art

I want to provide you with resources that will enable you become a better lifter.

Whether you are an Athlete, a CrossFitter, a Dedicated Lifter, a Coach or a Personal Trainer; Whether you want to maximise your power, Wow people with your flexibility or blitz people with your speed, you have come to the right place.


Eleanor Furneaux - British Skeleton

Content to Excel – Understanding the Lifts

Every week I do a video analysis about an element of Olympic lifting that my members want to learn more about.

The 10 minutes long videos are designed to highlight the elements of the lift that are of particular importance.

The videos are recorded and stored in our resources library. From here you can download them and watch them at any time.

Exclusive website

An exclusive members area with access to an ever growing portfolio of video analysis, tutorials and training programs you can immediately use in your pursuit of more effective lifting.

We have a closed forum within which members are encouraged to ask questions in a non-judgmental and supportive environment.

Ongoing support

Whether you need help achieving that strong and stable snatch position or want a complete guide to creating a program tailored to address weaknesses, my resources have it covered. Members also have access to 121 support over Skype within which I can help them address any lifting related issues.

Everybody is unique

That’s what makes Olympic lifting such challenge.

A program that made one lifter national champion may exacerbate the flaws of another.

With that in mind, rather than have a series of comprehensive training programs for “beginner, intermediate, and advanced level lifters” I provide you with the resources and tools to be the master of your own destiny. I want to help you understand why your flaws exist and how to correct them.

Jonny Stephens - British Bobsleigh and Personal Trainer 

Exclusive Content from Top Lifters

Every month I will release exclusive content from Top Level Lifters addressing elements of Olympic Weightlifting. With my content resource and input from the best of the nation you can achieve your potential.