The Weightlifting-PB Immersion Program is unique in its mission.

The Immersion Program will give you the help you need to Reach your Potential.

Tools to Succeed

How does it work?

The Weightlifting-PB Immersion Program is the first educational Weightlifting program of its kind.

It is currently made of 6 sections with additional sections coming in the future.

Each section is designed to give you everything you need to take control of your own training. There are 4 sections which give video tutorials on the classic lifts and their regressions. These videos analyse what is going on at each part of the lift and explain it in a way you can understand.

There are a series of points to be taken from each video. These are listed below each video so you know what to look for.

There are a further 2 sections which give you information on how to create and tailor a training program to your needs. 

The resources included have been designed to be used either as part of the Weightlifting-PB Immersion Program, or as standalone blocks. So if you simply need to to brush up on a few technical points, our resources have you covered too!

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