The Snatch - The most Technically Challenging movement of them all.

In this chapter you will learn about how the Snatch is properly executed.

We shall break down the complex movements into manageable chunks and explore how they come together for an efficient lift.

The Snatch - An Overview

The Reverse Chain Method

We want to build up to a completely functional Snatch.

Each stage is closely linked to the stages around it. If the prior stage is not understood and executed properly, it will result in the latter stages being executed ineffectively.

For this reason; we shall be using the Reverse Chain Method.

  • Snatch - Overhead Portion (Catch and Recovery)

  • Snatch - First Pull

  • Snatch - Second Pull

The Snatch - Overhead Portion

The Snatch - First Pull

The Snatch - Second Pull

The Snatch - Receiving the Bar

The Snatch - A note on putting it all together

In the videos I explained how the snatch works. We broke it down and analysed what was going on. However; if you consciously think about the double knee bend, it will happen too slowly and your lifts will appear segmented.

The analysis was including for your understanding. When executing snatches just remember to keep the bar close during the first pull - finish in an excellent position in order to JUMP HARD at the second pull. The human body/mind are wonderful things, and your subconscious will take over and execute the movement pattern correctly. Trust me on this.

Just remember: Maximal lifts are all about mindset and aggression.

Jump Hard.

Any Questions?