Suggested Formats

A good intermediate protocol for 4 days a week is to use:

Day 1 Heavy
Day 2 Light
Day 3 Rest
Day 4 Medium
Day 5 Rest
Day 6 Heavy
Day 7 Rest

This allows reasonably heavy load 3 days a week with adequate rest in between.

If you think this is too much rest I guarantee you are not training intensely enough in your sessions.

On your heavy days try to do the full movements. Then use the light and medium sessions to do partial movements such as power/hang movements and accessory exercises.

The classical lift that you do on each training day is to alternate. So if day 1 you do Snatch, day 2 you will do clean and jerk.

The lift that you do on the first day of this protocol should be the lift that you need to work on most.

Currently I want to improve my clean and jerks so:

  • Monday – heavy clean and jerk
  • Tuesday - power snatch
  • Wednesday - rest
  • Thursday - power clean
  • Friday - rest
  • Saturday - heavy snatch
  • Sunday - rest

The load of your squats and pulls will also be dictated by the above protocol.

Any Questions?