This is the main lift you will do within a training session. Try to center your sessions with one classic lift at the center of them.

Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and their variants (power, hang etc.)

A key point to this section is all of your lifting must look consistent. The goal is for every rep to look the same as the previous rep. You want your training to look good. By this I mean lifts should be hard, but not excessively laboured. If you are stumbling around chasing a snatch then the weight is too heavy and you need to bring the weight down slightly.

A good baseline guide is to select a weight that you can lift for 3 reps, then take off 5-10%. This will normally result in you training at around 75-85% of your 1RM.

Generally speaking training at less than 75% gives the wrong type of stimulus for Olympic Lifting gains. Training above 85% also tends to result in inconsistent lifting.

Aim for 6 sets of 3 at your top weight if you are a technically consistent lifter.

A massive mistake I see is people training at too high an intensity. Read more about what I mean by this below:

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