4.2.7 Influencing factors – touched on in 4.2.2

Factors that influence your training are anything that can affect your recovery.

Sleep – Training causes micro tears in muscles. The body then hyper compensates by repairing these tears. This results in you being stronger. Sleep is when your body does these repairs. If you don’t sleep enough you will not carry out these repairs.

Work – can lead to struggles with food and getting to the gym as well as stressing you out. Be aware of the implications of work. There is a reason that most top-level athletes do not hold down full time.

Drinking – As above

Diet – “You get strong in the kitchen” If you do not eat sufficient food to have the energy to train you will not progress. Similarly, if you do not eat enough food to carry out the repairs on your muscles, you will not progress.

Stress – Increases cortisol (the catabolic {breaking down} hormone). More cortisol, less muscles. Stress also affects your mental state and ability to execute consistent training lifts.

Holidays – This is included as it’s own separate section as a result of the inherent training obstacles that they can produce. As well as not being able to find a gym, all of the above may also be included.

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