This is your base foundation phase. Here you want to concentrate on your squats, pulls and assistance exercises. Speed is less of a concern, but do not fall into the trap of loosing the zip of your lifts. Keep them nice and dynamic. This is because static strength has very little turnover to the classical movements.

The strength phase should have a particular emphasis on volume. We want to be hitting relatively high reps (4-6s) for at least 5 sets on our squats and pulls. Squats should be done first depending on whether they can be identified as a weakness for a lifter.

The intensities of our pulls should not exceed 105% of our 1RMs of our classical lifts. This is because 105%+ will not cause the right stimulus for Olympic lifting.

This is for technically proficient lifters. If you are a novice lifter it is likely that strength is not holding you back but the efficient utilization of your abilities. Novice lifters should be spending more time drilling technique.

The intensities of our squats should be at around 75-85% of our 1RM squats.This will keep the squats dynamic enough to give the right stimulus to turnover to our Olympic lifts.

The Olympic lifts do take more of a backseat role within the strength phase but are not neglected. They should still be executed, but with a reduced load. Lifts around 75% are recommended. Hitting the right positions, working on mobility and speed should be a priority.

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