The final phase of a training cycle is the lifting phase. The spire of our tower.

The lifting phase will have the focus shifted to the classical movements. Power movements will feature on the lighter days as active rest. We will be trying to hit 2 heavy days with the focus being on the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk.

Once in the final phase of a training cycle a lifter is not expected to get much stronger. What is expected however is for the classic movements to improve as a result of more efficient utilization of strength and power.

Snatch and clean and jerk should be performed at higher intensities of ~80-90%. The rep scheme used can be reduced to 2-3 reps for technically consistent lifters. At least 5 sets at a top weight is expected with more preferable.

The volume of squats will be reduced with lifters going up to 4 sets of 2 reps at 90%. If a lifter has been working very hard during the session and has visibly tired legs it is acceptable for a lifter to move up to only a couple of heavy singles.

Pulls still feature, but now for only 3 reps. Similarly to squats, if a lifter appears fatigued 3 sets of 3 reps is acceptable as a minimum.

Towards the end of the lifting cycle a competition should be done. This can be either a mock competition or a real competition, with real competitions being preferable as they provide the right type of experience for a lifter. The week preceding competition day should be a deload week, with power movements and mobility work only. The penultimate week of our cycle should feature 2 max days. One for snatch and one for clean and jerk. On these days pulls and squats can be completely omitted.

More detailed competition preparation information can be found in 4.2.8.

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