Warming down – Flexibility

Warming down, similar to warming up, is a much neglected but nonetheless integral part of a training session. I know how tired you feel after a training session, and how you just want to go home and eat, but do not neglect your warm downs. Similar to warming up, you may get away with it at the beginning but as you lift heavier weights, not warming down will begin to catch up with you.

A result of power training is an increased muscular tension. This muscular tension will result in shortened muscle range. When muscles are shorter they pull on the tendons connecting them to bone. This continual pulling will eventually cause you aches at the insertion points and along the muscle length.

A very common manifestation of this is lower back pain as a result of tight glutes and hamstrings. Ever had this after a heavy session?

This can be alleviated by an appropriate warm down. Key areas I find that need attention are glutes, hamstrings and quads. Stretch them and roll them out at minimum after every session. This is a great opportunity to also drink your protein shake and chill out with other people around you. Enjoy this, it is a nice relaxing part of training after you’ve done the hard work.

A full warm down routine is included in the Mobility Section.

Apart from a few athletes on the GB team, I am yet to see a lifter from Britain who has optimal flexibility.

Get your warm downs done everyday, and do not neglect them; it will come back and bite you if you do.

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