So we spent a few weeks building up a foundation of strength. We are now ready to utilize this strength in a more effective manner. Power is a measure of how quickly you can produce a force, so all lifts within this phase should be done as explosively as possible without sacrificing the movement patterns.

Movements like the Power Snatch and Power clean will make up an important part of this phase. This is alongside plyometric work that should be executed at the end of a few sessions a week. These are things like box jumps and jump squats.

It is much harder to predict effective training ranges for this power phase due to the variations between individual lifters. It is up to you or your coach to ensure that lifts are being executed with sufficient fluidity. Power movements should be caught above parallel.

A general guide is that a 1RM power movement should be about ~80% of the full movement. Power snatches and power cleans should be done on around 75-85% for 3-5 reps in order to produce the right type of stimulus for this phase.

Squats and Pulls should have their volume and intensity cut down slightly but still feature prominently in a program. Repetitions for squats and pulls can now be lowered to 2-4 reps and the number of sets can also be reduced slightly.

Any Questions?