Strength specific work – Leg strength

There are two types of programming I like to use for squat training. The first is the Russian Routine. The Russian routine should be used if you find that your leg strength is your weakness. A calculator for it as well as my experiences with it can be found following the link below:

More detailed weakness identification information is covered in 5.2.6.

The Russian routine features a reduced frequency of squatting to 3x per week. This is in order to give you legs more time to recover as a result of the higher loading through them.

The Russian approach involves working at larger volumes at lower intensities to get a base strength level, then moving through subsequent phases concluding at a competition phase where an athlete is ready to produce their one rep maxes.

The exercise selection is also much fuller and rounded; with a large selection of assistance exercises appearing.

All effective training methods for weightlifting fall within these two poles of training.

So if you want implement the Russian routine, read the Russian routine article. It also details considerations regarding how to plan your classic lift training around the program. When doing specific leg strength work, the classic lifts will take a backseat.

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