Suggested month plan

A suggested format I recommend is:

- Week 1: 100%
- Week 2: 97.5%
- Week 3: 102.5%
- Week 4: 90%

Where 100% is the working weight for all exercises. The % is given relative to each other.

At the end of this 4-week cycle, a lifters progress and the effectiveness of the training program can be analyzed. Decisions can then be made about how to increase the 100% value for the coming cycle.

The advantages of this format are that the body will be given sufficient time to adapt to the training stimulus without being overloaded. There is sufficient relative load from week to week to ensure progress is still being made. I want to highlight that just because a lift is relatively easy, does not mean that it is not producing great stimulus for improvement. As we training at higher intensities, so increases the risk of injury. Would you rather be patient with your progress or have to take 4 weeks out to recover from an injury every few months?

Week 4 is a deload week which we shall go into in the next chapter.

Any Questions?